About Evans Distributing

Mr. Al Amatuzzio founded Amsoil (“The first in Synthetics”) in 1972. We began selling Amsoil products in 1976. We work with individuals, companies, and corporations nationwide.

We Are Dedicated to Customer Service

  • We start with research before the sale to determine exactly what our customer needs
  • We stay focused on the customer needs during the sale
  • We follow up at least twice after the sale to assure complete customer satisfaction
    • We follow up to assure unnecessary back orders are avoided and orders will be filled on time
    • If the customer need is critical, and the order can not be filled from one of our nationwide distribution centers, we expedite the order from one of our satellite centers
  • We follow up after the sale to assure the customer received the order as it was requested

Our Background and Training

  1. Evans Distributing began in earnest with admission to the U.S. Air Force in 1961. Our mission, and our first experience with synthetic lubricants, came while maintaining huge Jet powered C-133B, cargo aircraft.
  2. After four years of continuous training we moved on to 36 years in the United Airlines Engineering Department, maintaining many types of Jet engines and related systems. Additionally, we attended many factory and in house schools and classes.
    • Sixteen years were spent troubleshooting Jet Engines and related systems. Often, if an engine could not be easily repaired Chuck would travel to other airports to assist the mechanics there in repairing the engine.
    • The last 20 years were spent working with mechanics and inspectors in the Engine Shop developing repairs for these high technology engines and related parts.

Over the years we have also been trained on all types of vehicles and equipment as well as industrial.

An example of Synthetic Oil in Airline Use

As we were retiring from United Airlines an engine was removed from a B-747 Airplane. The engine had been continuously installed on the aircraft for 33,000 hours of operation. The engine had never had an oil change. United Airlines changes the oil filters every 400 hours but never changes the oil. Synthetic oil does not breakdown under extreme conditions of operation.

How We Can Help You

  • We understand your problems and the economics of industry
  • We are here to serve you
  • We are trained and experienced
  • We have used Amsoil ourselves for years and are fully aware of its benefits
  • We will train you, and your employees if needed

Ask us to show you how you can benefit from Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants!

Chuck Evans
Lubrication Specialist